Pearls and Boomerangs go 2-1 at Global Games

Pearls and Boomerangs go 2-1 at Global Games

The Australian Pearls have extended their win-loss record to 2-1 at the Global Games after a commanding win over Brazil, 77-47.

The Pearls were matched against the team from Brazil, who have a developing programme.  

It did not take long for the Pearls to show their superior talent against this side.  

Unfortunately for Brazil, they only had seven players and did not have the stamina to see the game to the end.

The Pearls led easily at every break.  Brazil did have one exceptional player who continually took and made the 3 point shot - she also took the ball to the basket hard, getting through our defence.

The Pearls went to a box and one to shut her down which worked quite well in the second half.

At the offensive end the Pearls structured plays allowed us to score freely.

Top Scorers were Mina Aldobasic 16, Kaitlyn Papworth 16, Kim Perry 10, Molly Urquhart-Moran 10.

Tomorrow is a rest day for the Pearls and then on Saturday we have our final round robin game against Japan at 2.30pm (local time).

The Aussie men, the Boomerangs, had their most convincing win of the tournament, a 113-32 routing of Hungary.

Both teams have a rest day today before Semi Finals and classification rounds begin tomorrow.


Pearls and Boomerangs get on the board at Global Games

9 July 2009

The Pearls and Boomerangs claimed their first victories at the Global Games in the Czech Republic overnight.

The Australian Pearls have got their first win at the 2009 Global Games, defeating France 99-12 in Liberec, Czech Republic overnight.

The Pearls dominated against the young, developing French team.

The win was a significant confidence boost for the team after suffering a defeat to Mexico yesterday.

The Pearls used the opportunity to prepare for tougher games later in the week by practicing a few more options in their structured plays.

Molly Urquhart-Moran led the Pearls with 25 points, Natasha Nolan added 16 and Kaitlyn Papworth posted 12.

Tomorrow the Pearls play Brazil at 11.15am (local time)

Australia's Men's team, the Boomerangs, also notched up a victory, routing Russia 99-74.

The Aussies faced a four point deficit at halftime but but poured on the points in the second half to take the win.

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