2016 Centre of Excellence inductions for Men

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Basketball Australia is pleased to announce that eleven male athletes have been offered and have accepted scholarships to the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence for the 2016 calendar year.

Men’s CoE Associate Coach Adam Caporn stated: “We are very excited about this group of young men and their future in Australian Basketball. They have already demonstrated a great desire to put in the work and make the necessary sacrifices to pursue their dreams.

“The ultimate goal is to see them become Boomers and help Australia win medals in international competition. This group has genuine international size, skill and athleticism and have a great opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of our current Boomers and international stars.”

The CoE residential program will seek to initially fast track their development through an elite daily training environment and continue to support them through their journey as professional and international athletes.

“In what is an exciting year for Basketball Australia these athletes will also be hard at work with an extensive and challenging preparation and competition schedule.

“We would like to thank their families, junior and state basketball associations who have played a critical role in providing these athletes with the foundation, support and development they needed to be ready for such a challenge,” continued Caporn.

The five will join current scholarship holders Jack White, Angus Glover, Will Magnay, Andrew Ferguson and Mate Colina, with the twelfth scholarship rotated among a number of athletes on a shorter stay basis.

The 2016 Centre of Excellence Scholarship Holders:

(New Athletes)

Kyle Zunic – New South Wales

Matt Kenyon – New South Wales

Callum Dalton – Queensland

Samson Froling – Queensland

Lat Mayen – South Australia


Angus Glover – New South Wales

Tom Fullarton – Queensland

Will Magnay – Queensland

Mate Colina – Victoria

Jack White – Victoria

Andrew Ferguson – Western Australia