Athletes named for January 2019 Australian Development camp

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The list of 40 athletes to participate in the January 2019 Australian Development Camp (ADC), held at Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence from January 24-27, have been named.

The ADC offers a mechanism to identify future Australian Boomers and Chemist Warehouse Opals as well as assess potential scholarship holders for the Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Athletes will be subject to on-court sessions, individual meetings with coaches, physical testing, recovery training, feedback meetings as well as green and gold scrimmages throughout the four-day camp.

Seven states and territories are represented by the athletes, aged 14-17, while 20 players that recently won gold at the FIBA Under-15 Oceania Championships will also be in attendance.

The January 2019 Australian Development Camp Athlete List:

Female Athletes Male Athletes
Kate Deeble QLDS 19/08/2003 Harrison Matthew ACT 11/09/2002
Alana Goodchild NSWC 26/08/2003 Michael Walker NSWC 8/04/2003
Millie Prior NSWC 12/06/2003 Biwali Bayles NSWM 15/02/2002
Chyra Evans NSWM 22/09/2003 Clancy Bird NSWM 8/05/2002
Kitty Henderson NSWM 24/08/2002 Jack McWilliams NSWM 25/08/2003
Shaneice Swain QLDN 15/10/2003 Matthew Wacher NSWM 10/02/2003
Adelaide Fuller QLDS 24/04/2001 Harrison Pennisi QLDN 11/08/2003
Indiah Bowyer QLDN 16/04/2003 Kian Dennis QLDS 9/04/2001
Kelsey Rees SAM 14/02/2002 Kobe McDowell- White QLDS 9/02/2004
Ruby Porter SAM 15/10/2001 Benjamin Griscti SAM 4/07/2002
Lauren Wise TAS 28/07/2003 James Ingham SAM 23/01/2003
Zoe Crawford TAS 15/09/2003 Reyne Smith TAS 28/10/2002
Jade Melbourne VICC 18/02/2002 Sejr Deans TAS 29/01/2003
Olivia Pollerd VICC 1/11/2002 Dyson Daniels VICC 17/03/2003
Charlise Dunn VICM 30/09/2003 Harry Johnson VICM 6/04/2003
Emily Sewell VICM 8/12/2002 Joshua Duach VICM 30/01/2003
Gemma Potter VICM 27/02/2002 Toluwaleyi Adebayo VICM 9/03/2002
Lily Scanlon VICM 21/02/2001 Marcus Windhager VICM 11/05/2003
Luisa Fakalata VICM 1/04/2003 Zac Taylor VICM 13/07/2002
Paige Price VICM 30/04/2003 Daniel Rogers WA 19/01/2002