Basketball Australia employs statistics review officers to ensure National Leagues Integrity

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Per Basketball Australia’s obligations under state sports betting legislation, two statistics review officers have been employed to ensure all match-day stats are reviewed to help manage the integrity of betting markets on the NBL and WNBL.

As a sports controlling body recognised under the relevant Victorian and New South Wales legislation, it is Basketball Australia’s responsibility to ensure the information which is utilised by betting operators is accurate and reliable.

In turn, this enables BA to identify any integrity issues that may arise through gambling on the sport.

Appointed to the new positions, Rachel Knight and Tracey Teunissen will review every game of both leagues throughout each round before providing a feedback loop for league statisticians to certify a quality of service.

Along with every statistician and scoretable official, they have also undertaken the National Integrity of Sport Unit’s (NISU) Keep Sport Honest e-learning program.

Knight, who covered the 2006 Commonwealth Games, has been a statistician at national league level for over five years while Teunissen worked at the 2000 Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games and as a statistician for more than ten years with both women named the Basketball Australia Statistician of the Year in 2012 and 2003 respectively.

“Statisticians and scoretable officials are a vital part of all NBL and WNBL game-days and their roles are often taken up by volunteers whose work can be undervalued,” said National Sport Integrity Manager, Simon Bishop.

“We truly appreciate the time these people give up every season to hold such important positions.

“Australian statisticians and scoretable officials are among the most skilled in the world and these statistics review officers will provide further feedback for those who are seeking formal FIBA qualifications and international opportunities.

“With the support of the Australian Sports Commission and NISU, Basketball Australia launched its National Integrity Framework as of July 1 and this is another proactive step in maintaining the integrity of the sport.”