Basketball Australia release Diversity and Inclusion Framework

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Basketball Australia has today released its Diversity and Inclusion Framework for the period 2021 – 2025 which underpins the governing body’s commitment to support and promote diversity and inclusion at all levels and in all aspects of its operations and relationships.

The Framework provides BA and its associates with guidance and the tools, structures and supports to continue building strengths in the areas of diversity while tackling the systemic, attitudinal and behavioural barriers internal and external to the organisation that may hinder true inclusion.

The Framework was informed by an extensive 360 consultation process including work with Inclusion Australia and adopting the 12 recommendations made by the Australian Human Rights Commission as part of BA’s proactively sought review into Racial Equality within the organisation.

Outgoing BA Chairman Ned Coten said that the development of this Diversity and Inclusion Framework was a priority for the BA Board over the past 12 months.

Basketball Australia takes a whole of organisation approach to recognise and celebrate diversity and to be inclusive in what we do and the way in which we do it. We want to ensure the sport of basketball is one which is welcoming and inclusive to all who call Australia home, from the richly diverse cultural backgrounds which make up our population,” explained Coten.

“Through our work in creating this framework, we have looked to understand and identify at the national level the barriers, and issues preventing inclusivity within basketball, and seeking to further comprehend how we can improve accessibility and ensuring equal opportunity for all. Basketball Australia needs to show leadership in our own workforce and the greater basketball community by ensuring an inclusive and respectful culture in which we work.

“We want anyone and everyone who interacts with our sport to have a positive experience which makes them feel like they belong and allow people from all communities to be able to see others just like them within all the levels of basketball.”

The development of this Framework has been in parallel with BA’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024 and will be supported by an Action Plan, which will bring the Framework to life and aligns with the organisation’s inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan.

This Diversity and Inclusion Framework was passionately led by Chair Ned Coten and the Basketball Australia Board and the delivery of this crucial piece of work reflects the hard work by many within the organisation over the past twelve months,” said Basketball Australian interim CEO Carolyn Campbell.

“This Framework and subsequent Action Plan signifies Basketball Australia’s commitment to ensuring both our organisation and the wider sport of basketball is a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

“The priority now for Basketball Australia is to commence implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan which will ultimately see basketball as a truly inclusive sport for all Australians.”

CLICK HERE to view the Basketball Australia Diversity and Inclusive Framework 2021 – 2025