Basketball by the numbers: the sport’s recent growth in Australia

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Basketball in Australia has seen significant growth in recent years with 1.3 million people playing the sport in Australia.

The Basketball Australia website saw a 228 per cent increase in users, and 190 per cent in views from 2020-2021. The Tokyo Olympics also helping generate interest in the sport with 839,729 total page views on the Olympic Hub website during the Boomers campaign, which brought home a historic bronze medal.

WNBL received a 20 per cent increase in social media followers from season 20-21 to 21-22. With a 500 per cent increase in media articles during the same period.

With 339,300 kids currently playing basketball in Australia, it makes sense that the Aussie Hoops program has seen an increase in participation with 13.6 per cent. As well as 197 Aussie Hoops centres now available around the country.

Aussies are showing off their talent overseas more than ever, with three NBA draft picks in 2021/22, and two in the top 10. Seven Aussie men playing in the NBA in 2021/22, and nine women currently playing in the WNBA proves the calibre of players coming from home soil. With 370 Aussies in the US college system in 2021/22, there is sure to be more Aussie talent coming through the ranks.

The success of basketball in Australia is proven with the results from our national teams, showing how Australia can not only match it against the best in world, but come out on top.

National team results

Bronze- Boomers, 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Gold- Boomers, 2022 Asia Cup

Gold- 3×3 Men’s, 2022 Asia Cup

Silver- 3×3 Women’s, 2022 Asia Cup

Gold- Gliders, 2022 IWBF AOZ Championships

Gold- Rollers, 2022 IWBF AOZ Championships

Gold- U17 Sapphires, 2022 FIBA U16 Asia Championship

Gold- U17 Crocs, 2022 FIBA U16 Asia Championship