Cultivating strong team culture: Tess Madgen’s advice to Aussie Gliders 

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Seven Consulting Opal, Tess Madgen, recently shared her wisdom on team culture with the Aussie Gliders squad during their first camp of the year. Madgen’s advice could not have come at a better time as the Gliders gear up for the National Institute Network Challenge for wheelchair basketball later this month, followed by the World Championships in June in Dubai. 

Para-athlete, Sara Houston, gained invaluable insights about the importance of building up a solid team culture to work together to achieve a shared goal.  

“We were all extremely touched by her authenticity and emotion. Ultimately, to be a successful squad, it requires honest communication, accountability and consistency in effort made by EVERY player,” said Houston. 

“Tess proved the importance of building up our team culture and what that looks like when a squad is all on the same page and gunning towards the same values and goals.”  

“I was very honored to speak to the Gliders,” Madgen told BA media.  

“I just tried to share with them our experiences and what we’ve learnt in the past two years and how important the culture piece is to being a successful team and ultimately being on the podium at a World Cup or an Olympic games.”  

Gliders squad member from Adelaide, Lucinda Bueti, said that the session reinforced her understanding on how important a good team culture can be.  

“I’ve always viewed culture as being an integral part of team sports, a team plays at their best when everyone is on the same page and in a positive environment. The session with Tess reinforced this, as well as the importance of team values that represent the team,” said Bueti.  

The national teams will continue to collaborate and strengthen their relationships – the Pearls squad recently stopped by the Opals camp in the lead up to their Virtus Global Games in June, in what was a great opportunity get a taste of the Opal’s environment.   

“I think we’re all on the same page. We all want to see Australia winning gold medals at major tournaments, so the more we can do that and learn from each other, I think the better all the programs will be,” said Madgen.  

“We would also love to hear experiences from the Gliders as well, so hopefully we can keep building that relationship.” 

The Gliders will next meet up in Melbourne later this month for the National Institute Network Challenge for wheelchair basketball (27-30 April).  

Then the Gliders will head to a USA Tour in May for more competition practice ahead of the World Championships in June in Dubai.