FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup kicks off

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The Crocs are back in action following their dominant win at the Asia Cup last month to take on the world in Spain at the 2022 FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup. We are looking to improve on our 6 th placing at the 2018 event and are eyeing off a podium finish with a strong roster of players fresh off a successful Asia Cup campaign.

Australia (8) have drawn group D in the roster and will play against Argentina (16), Egypt (25) and Poland (49).

In FIBA’s 20 players to watch list they highlight Australia’s 7-foot 1 centre Rocco Zikarsky who has great rebounding and shot-blocking and an ability to crash the offensive glass very effectively. Zikarsky racked up the stats at the Asia Cup and will be looking to test his skills against the best in the world.

All games can be viewed here-

Games Schedule

Group Phase 2-7 July
¼ Finals 8 July
½ Finals 9 July
Final 10 July

Team Australia
#4 Kristian FERRONATO
#5 Lachlan BREWER
#6 Tristan DEVERS
#7 Joshua DENT
#9 Carlin BRIGGS
#10 Joshua HUGHES
#11 Rocco ZIKARSKY
#12 Jacob FURPHY
#13 Roman SIULEPA
#14 James O’DONNELL
#15 Austin RAPP

Head Coach- Justin SCHUELLER
Assistant Coach- Greg VANDERJAGT
Assistant Coach- Samuel GRUGGEN