January 2018 athlete development camp launches today

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The four-day Basketball Australia Athlete Development Camp (ADC), held from January 22-25, launches today with 40 male and female athletes, 17 coaches as well as the Emerging Rollers in attendance.

The ADC offers a mechanism to identify future Australian Boomers and Opals as well as assess potential scholarship holders for the Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Run at the CoE in Canberra, the athletes will be subject to on-court sessions, individual meetings with coaches, physical testing, recovery training, feedback meetings as well as green and gold scrimmages.

Six states around Australia are represented by the 40 athletes aged 14-18 while the Northern Territory, ACT and NBA Global Academy (NBA GA) are represented on the coaches side.

The athletes and coaches for the January 2018 Athlete Development Camp:

Taran Armstrong TAS 2002 Georgia Amoore VIC 2001
Joshua Bannon VIC 2002 Sharna Ayres VIC 2000
Biwali Bayles NSW 2002 Olivia Barber NSW 2002
Alex Ducas WA 2000 Paige Bayliss QLD 2000
Akoldah Gak NSW Jasmin Fejo SA 2000
Joshua Giddey VIC 2002 Alexandra Fowler QLD 2001
Hunter Goodrick NSW 2000 Grace George QLD 2000
Campbell Green NSW 2001 Steph Gorman VIC 2000
Fiston Ipassou SA 2003 Hannah Hank SA 2001
Blake Jones QLD 2002 Lana Hollingsworth VIC 2000
Mojave King QLD 2002 Jade Kirisome QLD 2000
Hunter-Jack Madden NSW 2001 Sophia Lacondra VIC 2001
Hunter Marks VIC 1999 Tara Manumaleuga QLD 2001
Boston Mazlin QLD 2002 Jessica McDowell-White QLD 2000
Jack McWilliams NSW 2003 Jade Melbourne VIC 2002
Wani Swaka Lo Buluk WA/CoE 2001 Ula Motuga QLD 2000
Zach Taylor VIC 2002 Ella Ogier VIC 2001
Luke Travers WA 2001 Olivia Pollerd VIC 2002
Kane Waters WA 2002 Darcy Rees SA 2000
Kobe Williamson VIC 2001 Erin Riley VIC 2002
Adam Caporn CoE Kristen Veal CoE
Michael Cassidy CoE Matt Paton CoE
Robbie McKinlay NBA GA Melissa Downer QLD
Nicolas Loureiro NBA GA Phil Brown ACT
Mark Radford TAS Sam Gruggen NSW
Justin Schueller VIC Brady Walmsley QLD
Michael Czepil VIC Rod Tremlet NT
Greg Vanderjagt QLD David Ingham SA
Brett Coxesedge QA

The Emerging Rollers for the January 2018 Athlete Development Camp:

Mitchell Bond 1.5 VIC
Jaylen Brown 4.5 VIC
Taitum Brown 4.5 NSW
Brayden Foxley-Connolly 1.0 QLD
Campbell Fraser 3.5 VIC
William Isley 1.0 VIC
Angus Johnston 2.0 WA
Eithen Leard 2.5 QLD
Thomas McHugh 4.5 WA
Benjamin Moncrief 4.0 WA
Frank Pinder 1.0 WA
Dylan Robinson 4.0 QLD
Hayden Siebuhr 1.0 QLD
Nathan Simpson 2.5 SA
James Weinert 4.5 VIC
Cooper Whitestyles 2.0 QLD
Keltan Williams 4.0 NSW
Craig Friday WA
Brad Ness WA
Tom Kyle QLD
Louise Brown VIC
Grant Mizens VIC
Kris Riley NSW