January Athlete development camp underway

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44 players are currently in camp at Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence, offering an opportunity to identify the next batch of Australian Boomers and Opals.

All eight states and territories are represented by the athletes, with the camp getting underway on January 18 and being run until January 22.

Players are also given the development opportunity to learn under the top coaches in the country and be exposed to the Boomers and Opals style of play.

“It provides a holistic education approach where the athletes will be involved in individual development as well as team concepts,” said Australian Opals coach Brendan Joyce.

“It also offers what we call an IQ development opportunity, which will assist the athletes in decision making. We all know it is important to have a skills package but it is equally important to develop your intellect and understanding of the game.”

The complete list of players can be found below as well as a video which has already gone viral of 17-year old Tina Aokusa from Queensland showing off her hops!

The 2016 ADC list of athletes: Tina Aokusa (QLDS), Brady Armstrong (TAS), Isabela Bourne (ACT), Kyle Bowen (WA), Austin Bradtke (VICM), Emma Clarke (WAM), Lucy Cochrane (VICM), Abby Cubillo (NT), Chelsea D’Angelo (VICC), Lachlan Dent (NSWC), Dragon Elkaz (NSWM), Ben Fakira (NSWM), Biar Garang (SAM), Grace George (QLDS), Miela Goodchild (QLDS), Juliet Gordan (SAM), Cassidy Gould (VICM), Bailey Griffiths (VICM), Mackenzie Hoycard (WAC), Matt Johns (VICC), Sean McDonald (VICM), Cassidy McLean (NSWC), Lara McSpadden (NSWC), Ezi Magbegor (VICM), Makuach Malauch (NSWC), Ky Matthews-Hampton (SAC), Taylor Mole (TAS), Chloe Molloy (VICC), Alexander Mudronja (SAM), Genna Ogier (VICC), Andrew Panayiotou (VICM), Rebecca Pizzey (VICM), Jacon Rigoni (SAM), Maddison Rocci (VICM), Kiera Rowe (TAS), Ryan Runnals (QLDN), Jazmine Shelley (VICC), Sam Short (VICC), Jaz Simmons (NSWC), Samantha Simons (SAM), Kody Stattman (QLDN), Nick Stoddard (QLDS), Jackson Walsh (SAC).