John Rearden appointed National Federation Referee Instructor

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Strengthening the pathway of Australian referees through to the international stage, John Rearden has been appointed Basketball Australia’s National Federation Referee Instructor.

The role will see Rearden as an important conduit between Basketball Australia and FIBA as he will be responsible for managing all aspects FIBA referees on behalf of BA. This will include maintaining the FIBA on line platform as well as identifying and proposing new talent (potential FIBA candidates) on behalf of BA.

Through processes with FIBA, he will then implement training and provide resources to escalate those referees to a FIBA license which will enable them to officiate international tournaments.

In conjunction, Rearden will also ensure the referees that are currently representing Australia on the world stage, such as those recently announced here, are fully supported in their endeavours by providing necessary materials and proper education.

“This position is important for the development of elite referees,” Rearden said.

“I will be working with all the stakeholders, from national league level down to the Australian Junior Championships.

“I will ensure there is a pathway coming out of the association referee programs, up to the state and into the national and international programs.

“Through the recently adopted National Referee Development Framework, huge successes can come as a result of what has been installed.”

Rearden rose through the ranks of the referee pathway himself, adjudicating multiple gold medal games at Under-16, Under-18 and Under-20 Australian Junior Championships.

He was involved with Basketball NSW where he represented local associations as a junior representative coach before being appointed the state’s referee instructor and he now currently assists Basketball NSW in the management of referees for the Waratah League.

“I thank FIBA and Basketball Australia for this opportunity,” Rearden said.

“I am looking forward to giving back to the sport which has provided me with some very exciting times in my career as a referee and as an instructor and seeing a continuation of Australian referees performing exceptionally well in the international tournaments.”