Kitakyushu Champions Cup Live Streaming

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Held in Japan from November 18-20, you will be able to watch all of the Under-23 Australian Spinners action as they compete in the Kitakyushu Champions Cup via YouTube.

A four-nation tournament, Australia has a strong history at the Cup with three titles to their name including a victory in 2013 and will face the USA, Great Britain and Japan this year.

The Spinners will be pitted against Great Britain in their opening game on Friday, November 18 at 3pm AEDT here.

They will then face the USA at 3pm AEDT on Saturday, November 19 here before going up against the host nation Japan on Sunday, November 20 at 11am AEDT here.

The bronze medal game will then be played later that day at 2pm AEDT before the gold medal game is played at 4pm AEDT.

The 2016 Australian Under-23 Spinners for the Kitakyushu Champions’ Cup:

Brian Carminati 20 4.0
Dylan Child 18 1.5
Steven Elliott 21 4.0
Jake Fulwood 21 4.0
Tom Holland 21 3.0
Thomas McHugh 15 4.5
Tom O’Neill-Thorne 19 3.0
Anderson Parker 18 4.5
Bailey Rowland 20 2.0
Nick Scott 20 1.0
Jeremy Tyndall 20 1.5