MEAA establishes Australian Basketballers’ alliance

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The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), the union for entertainment professionals has welcomed aboard the Australian Basketballers’ Alliance (ABA) as a new body to represent the country’s top men and women basketballers.

The ABA has been established to protect and advance the rights, interests and welfare of Australian basketball players.

Headed by former Boomer and NBL player, Jacob Holmes and Opals legend, Lauren Jackson, with industrial support from MEAA, the ABA endeavours to ensure player well-being, improve player conditions and protect and defend player rights, including decent pay.

“We established the ABA to influence decisions in players’ best interests, the best interest for the game, and to protect player rights with transparency and professionalism,” said Holmes.

Basketball Australia has offered support to the notion of a players’ organisation representing all professional basketballers.

The ABA now has the backing of the majority of Australia’s professional basketballers including the national Australian mens’ and women’s basketball teams, the Boomers and Opals, who both recently unanimously voted to join their counterparts in the NBL and WNBL to be professionally represented and protected by the ABA.

“The votes were a resounding result,” said Jackson.

“The Opals and I look forward to working together with the male players to form a united front when bargaining for our enterprise agreement. We are pleased to have union representation to further the interests of all professional basketball players in Australia.”

“MEAA is delighted to welcome the Opals and Boomers into our ABA community,” added MEAA CEO, Paul Murphy. “We look forward to making a positive contribution and providing professional representation and support”.