Milestone for Geelong Supercats trio

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Playing together since 2004, Nathan Herbert, Jamie Medved and Nick Owusu all celebrated their 300th games within two weeks of each other.

Helping Geelong to unheralded success since their debuts, the trio completed a three-peat of Conference Championships from 2005-07 before winning a SEABL Championship in 2010. They have reached the playoffs in every season and despite all being over the age of 30, are showing no signs of slowing down.

Herbert’s career average of 16.3 points is only slightly down this season with 15.4 points per game but his stroke is as deadly as ever, having shot 54% from the field over the past month. Medved is still an assassin from the three-point line and sits eleventh in the league at 41.4% for players who have 25+ long range attempts. Owusu remains the anchor for the Supercats, leading them in assists while adding 13.4 points a game at 47% shooting.

On being one-club players, all three are very proud.

“For me, it was never an option. I was never going anywhere else… it’s a real family club and an enjoyable club to play for,” Herbert said.

Medved added, “It shows how loyal we are as people. It’s a very proud club and we’re very proud basketball players. I certainly can’t envision myself playing anywhere else, that is for sure.”

For more on the Geelong trio’s careers, see their interview with SEABL TV below.