Mills the man at Junior titles

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Mills the man at junior titles The Victorian Under 20 women’s and the New South Wales Under 20 men’s basketball teams have won their respective U20 National Championship title games after competition in Ballarat, Victoria last weekend, while Queensland took

Mills the man at junior titles

The Victorian Under 20 women’s and the New South Wales Under 20 men’s basketball teams have won their respective U20 National Championship title games after competition in Ballarat, Victoria last weekend, while Queensland took out the silver medal in both games.

Led by AIS scholarship holder Louella Tomlinson (15 points), Victoria comfortably defeated Queensland 70-48 in the women’s national championship game, while Australian Junior Men’s team (the Emus) members Ben Dowdell and Andrew Ogilvy combined to score 42 points in New South Wales’ 88-82 victory over Queensland.

2006 Australia Post Boomers squad member Patrick Mills was awarded, for the second year in a row, the R.E Staunton medal for best male player of the tournament, while AIS scholarship holder Nicole Hunt was named the best female player.

Mills finished as the leading points scorer among the men, netting 233 points over six games at the amazing, Gaze-like average of 37.2 points per game. He also led the tournament in steals per game (4.3) and minutes per game (averaging 38.4 minutes of a possible 40) while ranking second in assists per game (5.2).

Mills, also a member of the Australian Emus team, helped get the ACT to the bronze medal game against Western Australia where he posted a tournament-high 49 points but lost the game by one point, 104-103, in double overtime.

Mills, Dowdell (17.0 points and 8.7 rebounds per game) and Ogilvy (17.7 points and 9.0 rebounds per game) are now in preparation for the 2007 FIBA world championship for U19 men which will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia in July.

Nicole Hunt averaged 12.2 points (5th), 4.0 assists (2nd) and 2.5 steals (equal 2nd) per game for the tournament and will join fellow Australian Junior Women (the Gems) squad members Abby Bishop, Cayla Francis, Emma Langford, Nikita Martin, Ellie Manou, Marianna Tolo, Jamiee Kennedy, Molly Lewis, Mia Newley (all of whom participated in the National U20 tournament) in preparation for the FIBA world championship for U19 women which will take place in the Slovak Republic in July.

Alice Coddington of the ACT finished as leading points scorer for females, averaging 16.8 points per game, while Betty Angula of Oceania finished as the leading rebounder after averaging 13.0 rebounds per game.

Cayla Francis, who was recently named the 2006/07 defencejobs WNBL Bettie Watson Rookie of the Year, averaged 11.7 points and 10.7 rebounds per game for South Australia.


U20 Men

New South Wales – Gold

Queensland – Silver

Western Australia – Bronze

ACT – 4th

South Australia – 5th

Victoria – 6th

Tasmania – 7th

Oceania – 8th


Under 20 Men’s National Champions New South Wales

U20 Women

Victoria – Gold

Queensland – Silver

South Australia – Bronze

New South Wales – 4th

Western Australia – 5th

ACT – 6th

Oceania – 7th

Tasmania – 8th

Under 20 Women’s National Champions Victoria

 IVOR BURGE CHAMPIONSHIP: VIC Metro does the double

The Victoria Metro men’s ID basketball team has won back-to-back Ivor Burge Championships following a 65-55 win over New South Wales Metro in Ballarat, Victoria last weekend, while the Victoria Metro women’s ID team made it a clean sweep for the state, defeating New South Wales Metro 43-42 in the gold medal game.

The Australian men’s and women’s championships for athletes with an intellectual disability were named the Ivor Burge Championships in 1995 to commemorate the contribution Ivor Burge made to Basketball in Australia.

In the men’s game, Australian Boomerangs (the Australian men’s team for athletes with an intellectual disability) squad member Jason Godfrey bagged a game high 25 points for Victoria Metro in the 10-point win.

In the women’s game, Australian Pearls (the Australian women’s team for athletes with an intellectual disability) member Lisa Mackie scored a game high 22 points to lead Victoria Metro, while Pearls captain Kim Larkin contributed 12 points for New South Wales Metro.

Ivor Burge is considered one of the founding fathers of basketball in Australia.

From 1928 to 1940 he promoted basketball in Victoria through the YMCA and produced the first standardised rule book for the sport in October 1928.

Between 1941 and 1985 he held the position of Secretary of Queensland Basketball, where he founded the Queensland Basketball Association in 1946, before becoming the inaugural President, a position he held for eight years until 1954.  

The Ivor Burge Championships were first held in Wollongong in 1995.


Ivor Burge U20 Men

Victorian Metro – Gold

New South Wales – Silver
South Australia – Bronze
Victoria Country – 4th
New South Wales Country – 5th
ACT – 6th
Tasmania – 7th

Men’s Ivor Burge Championship winners Vic Metro


Ivor Burge U20 Women

Victoria – Metro Gold

New South Wales – Silver

New South Wales Country – Bronze

Victorian Country – 4th

ACT – 5th

South Australia – 6th

Women’s Ivor Burge Championship winners Vic Metro


Final Day wrap
Saturday February 24

 Game 80: U/20 Women Bronze, SA (LG70) v NSW (LG76)

South Australia scored first, putting 7 points on the board, with New South Wales taking four minutes to make their first goals.  Maddy Plunkett was in excellent form, scoring all 14 of NSW’s points for the first quarter.  Cayla Francis proved an interesting match-up for Plunkett, dominating the inside.  Amelia Todhunter (NSW) ran the point well for the half, setting up team mates for easy points.  Final quarter shooting for SA blew the game open, with SA getting away to a 17 point win.  Observers touted the fact Ellie Manou did not play as a factor in NSW’s loss, her on-court absence appearing to leave a huge hole in their defensive ability.

 SA 79 – Francis 19, Langford 14, Mansfield/Bishop 9
NSW 62 – Plunkett 14, Angel 11, Lewis/Kennedy 9

 Game 81: U/20 Men 5 v 6, VIC (WG73) v SA (WG78)

The opening passage passed quickly, with both teams trying to get to the basket.  Kevin Probert kept Victoria alive with three 3’s in a row, just as things were starting to look bad.  Jordan Dodman (SA) displayed impressive shooting from around the bucket and midrange, making 5 from 6.  In an exciting conclusion, both teams managed to come in neck-and-neck by the end of the fourth, forcing overtime.  Philip Brown stepped it up for South Australia, as did VIC’s Corey Collier, resulting in a very tight end game that saw SA shoot 2 free throws at the foul line with three seconds to play to win by 1-point.

 VIC 86 – Collier 19, Radford 16, Probert 13
SA 87 – Brown 21, Fildes 18, Harvey/Molitor 15

 Game 82: Ivor Burge Men 5 v 6, NSWC (Team 5) v ACT (Team 6)

This game looked well and truly over at halftime. NSW had a 34 point lead and were in control. ACT made a huge run in the second half. The pulled within 10 points at the start of the 4th. They couldn’t get any closer though and went down by 13.

 NSWC 86 – Jacobson 25, Towers 19, Mavrak 17
ACT 73 – McGill 32, Tipler 26 

Game 83: U/20 Men’s Bronze Medal Match, ACT (LG72) v WA (LG79)

Patrick Mills (ACT) was on fire for this bronze medal show-down, setting up team mates when he wasn’t putting his own points on the board.  Western Australia attempted to use their size as ACT tried to get out and run early.  Down 11 points at quarter time, WA came back to score the first 22 points of the second quarter, ACT taking 8 minutes to score.  Clint Steindl (ACT) played hard at both ends in the third quarter to get ACT back in it.  Trent Worthington (WA) also picked up pace in the third, increasing his offensive focus.  By the end of the fourth quarter, this game had turned into an absolute classic, needing 2 additional overtime periods to settle it.  In nail-biting finale, ACT went down by just 1 point despite a massive 49-point haul from Patrick.

 ACT 103 – Mills 49, Palmer 16, Steindl/White 12
WA 104 – Johnson 29, Worthington 25, Iliadis 12


Game 84: Ivor Burge Women Bronze, VICC (LG66) v NSWC (LG69)

It was the first and last quarters where New South Wales Country really ran away with score, with many NSWC players bringing their top form to the court.  Although Victoria Country’s scoring improved throughout the game, NSWC were too strong with players such as Eliza and Bernadette Barden repeatedly making rebounds and assists. 

 VICC 36 – Holmes 16, Bade 8, McNamara 6
NSWC 87 – E Barden 39, B Barden 22, Duncan 7

 Game 85: U/20 Women 7 v 8, TAS (LG74) v Oceania (LG77)

Oceania trailed early but made a run in the second quarter, working well as a team and beginning to make some shots.  Oceania then hit the front late in the first half by 2 points.  In response, Tasmania came out with more intensity in the third quarter, resuscitating their running game and overtaking Oceania once more to lead by 3 points entering the fourth quarter.  With 8 minutes left in play, Oceania made their move, jumping out to an 8-point lead.  Determined to hold on in the tense final 2 minutes, Oceania couldn’t be shaken, Tasmania running out of time to regain lost ground.

 TAS 69 – Howells 20, Dolting 12, Mitchell 11
Oceania 79 – Hobbs 17, Lefrance 13, Cameron 12

 Game 86: Ivor Burge Women Gold, NSWM (WG66) v VICM (WG69)

These teams met during the week, with NSWM coming out on top, so VICM were seeking revenge.  Low scoring occurred in the first quarter as neither team was prepared to give the other an inch.  Lisa Mackie for NSWM provided an outside scoring threat, while Molly Urquhart-Moran was massive inside for VICM.  During the second half, Victoria Metro began to look inside more with Mina Aldobasic doing a good job at the offensive end.  Danielle Burden came off the bench to shut down Mackie, subsequently proving herself as brilliant in defence.  Intensifying as the final siren loomed, scoring got down to the wire as both teams were determined to take home gold.  It was Victoria Metro that triumphed in the end, their strong defence down the stretch allowing them to hang on for a very narrow 1-point win.

 NSWM (WG66) 42 – Mackie 22, Wren 7, Perry 6
VICM (WG69) 43 – Larkin 12, Urquhart-Moran 10, Aldobasic 9

 Game 87: Ivor Burge Men’s Bronze Medal Match, SA (Team 3) v VICC (Team 4)

Victoria Country were pumped to do well after dropping their round-robin game against South Australia.  The large crowd roared their support for both teams during the game, both playing high quality basketball.  By half time VICC were in front 8 points, at 30-38.  But the signs were there that SA had the ability to fight back, drawing to within a point at three quarter time.  From there, SA kept finding the avenue to the basket often enough to move ahead, claiming the Bronze.  

 SA (Team 3) 77 – Costello 37, Gouras 17, Jacobssen 8
VICC (Team 4) 71 – Cutter-Rabl 23, Jones 16, Jee 12

 Game 88: U/20 Men 7 v 8, TAS (LG73) v Oceania (LG78)

An intense and evenly matched game throughout, Oceania held a slight advantage by half time.  Not to be outdone, Tasmania surged ahead in the third quarter, boosted by outside shooting.  Taking full use of what seemed to be their only weapon, TAS went on to take a 9-point lead entering the final term of engagement.  Oceania then came home with a wet sail, stepping-up their performance to wrangle with TAS for vital points.  Tasmania managed to cling to their lead though, hanging on to win by 3 points.      

TAS 77 – Williams 25, Masunda 20, Sidebottom 10
Oceania 74 – Blas 29, Perese 20, Teriierooiterai 11

 Game 89: Ivor Burge Men’s Gold Medal Match, VICM (Team 1) v NSWM (Team 2)

These teams have now contested the last 3 gold medal games, the previous two each being decided by a single point. This one was always going to be close. NSW struggled to work the ball inside early on, and tended to attack from the perimeter. Their shots weren’t falling in the opening period and Victoria opened up a slim lead. Jason Godfery led the charge for Victoria with 10 first quarter points. After taking a 1 point lead into the second half, it was Godfery again who sparked the Vics. They opened up a 10 point gap, which would prove to be match winning. NSW fought hard in the final term, but Victoria held on to secure the gold medal.  

 VICM 65 – Godfery 25, Lynch 16, Burnham 8
NSWM 55 – Maroney 22, Meredith 19, Hammant 8

 Game 90: U/20 Women 5 v 6, WA (WG74) v ACT (WG77)

This game was a physical affair from the early stages. ACT held a slight advantage at halftime after a tight second quarter. WA began to gain control in the 3rd period, using great ball movement and fantastic outside shooting to open up a double figure lead. WA held on to the lead and went on to win by

 WA 78 – Ironmonger 16, Malpass 11, Morgan 10
ACT 62 – Rowe 15, Shiels 15, Coddington 12

 Game 91: U/20 Women’s Gold Medal Match, VIC (WG70) v QLD (WG76)

It was a tight contest early on, with the teams trading baskets. Slowly but surely Victoria began to get on top. Their defence was superb, not allowing QLD any easy scores. Their offence wasn’t in top form, but they started to score more freely through some great offensive rebounding. With Victoria out in front the crowd were waiting in anticipation for QLD to make their run. It wouldn’t occur however, and Victoria claimed the gold quite comfortably in the end.

 VIC 70 – Tomlinson 15, Kelly 12, Hunt 9
QLD 48 – Graham 10, Tolo 10, Wallis 10

 Game 92: U/20 Men’s Gold Medal Match, QLD (WG72) v NSW (WG79)

The first half was undoubtedly NSW’s half. The inside combination of Ogilvy and Dowdell was unstoppable. Ogilvy was all over the offensive glass, coming up with a number of put backs and second chance hoops. He had 16 points to the half. After establishing a lead early on, the kept QLD at arms length for most of the match. Halfway through the second half however, QLD made a huge run. Cedar and Goulding got hot and carried their team right back into the match. With about a minute to go QLD trailed by just 2. NSW were solid from the foul line in the final minutes to hang on and secure the championship.

 QLD 82 – Goulding 23, Cedar 17, White 12
NSW 88 – Dowdell 22, Ogilvy 20, Bose 17

 Bye – Team 5 & 6 IB Women, 7th IB Men