What is Mojo ?

Basketball Australia are teaming up with MOJO, an all-in-one app that makes coaching easy, simplifies team management, and helps makes the Aussie Hoops program even more special. Have a look at the launch video here to see all the support and fun this app will bring to the Aussie Hoops Program.

We know that a coach organising Practice is much more than just sending out a time and place. The Mojo app in partnership with Basketball Australia empowers the coaches with a truly all-in-one app to manage your team, schedule the seasons, and build effective practices in seconds which are customised to the age and skill level of your team. All activities feature easy to follow instructional videos that make setup and coaching a breeze. The Basketball drill videos will blow you away with their quality as they are created by the same team behind the Netflix Documentary “The Last Dance”

With the MOJO app in partnership with Basketball Australia, you can schedule a practice from the palm of your hand. 26 ready to go session plans and 74 high quality drill videos.

The magic of the app is in its custom practice plans — expert-designed, age-appropriate and fun. You can show up on the court with just a few minutes to go and know that you have everything you need to run a great practice. With MOJO in partnership with Basketball Australia , it’s a practice that keeps kids engaged, while giving them the fundamental skills they’ll need on game day.

Our Aussie Hoops parents will also be able to access the app and help their kids reach their full potential and get the know how to help their kids improve and also store their memories in editable game cards. Each season, your kid will get to create and customize a new card that will serve as their digital home for all of their play. It’s everything kids love about video games, now for youth sports.

Who can use the App ?

Coaches of all levels, Parents and Aussie Hoops centre administrators! If you are a coach you can jump straight in and download the app and get started. If you are an Aussie Hoops parent please see the question below for more details and centres please contact with any queries.

Who is Mojo ?

Based in America and launched in February 2021, the MOJO platform uses Amazom Web Services (AWS) to store data and has been used by more than five million families and 25,000 organisations involved in youth sports in 178 countries around the world including the NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL FLAG, and US Youth Soccer. Youth Sports Coaching | MOJO Sports

Does it cost anything ?

No the Mojo app in partnership with Basketball Australia is 100% free. If you want to purchase the Mojo plus content available on the app there is a price point to that but it is at user discretion and not required to access any Basketball Australia content.

How do I register as a coach ?

It is very easy and quick. See the step by step video below.

View a Step By Step video on how to register as a coach with MOJO

How do I register as an Aussie Hoops Parent ?

If you opted in to the MOJO sport app at registration you will receive a personal link taking you straight to your Aussie Hoops Centre at the start of term 2! If you didn’t opt in and want to be added now please drop an email to Any problems as well please send them to that email which is manned from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday AEST.

Basketball Australia are collecting your childs first name and your immediate contact details (Parents name, email and contact number) and in partnership with Mojo providing you a concierge service to provide the maximum user experience that lands you exactly in your Aussie Hoops centre. If you have not registered prior to the commencement of term 2 you will be onboarded weekly every wednesday.

Where and how is my information secure within the Mojo App ?

Please see the full security policy here which is updated yearly and MOJO’s privacy policy here.  MOJOs terms of service can be found here.

If you have any concerns please contact Neil Gray – Community Coach development and Volunteer Manager on

You can find Basketball Australia’s participant terms and condition policy here and data breach policy here.

Where can I see the latest news from Basketball Australia and my states and territories ?

On your home page it is halfway down. Make sure you have selected your relevant state and territory in your settings (top right hand corner of the app) under Org Affiliation. e.g. Basketball Victoria.

How do I learn how to use the App ?

On your home page there is a section titled Get More out of Mojo.

At this place you can learn how to customize your practices, Add your teams and find heaps of fun activities to do at home!

Any other questions

Please send an email to Any problems as well please send them to that email which is manned from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday AEST.