Oceania Basketball Tournament game schedule announced

Oceania Basketball Tournament game schedule announced

The 2009 Oceania Basketball Tournament schedule was released today.

The Tournament will tip off on Sunday, June 21, at the G. C. Ada Gym in Saipan, with the Guam men taking on Australia at 1:00 p.m. The women start two hours later, with New Caledonia facing Australia. Then at 5:00 p.m., the CNMI women will play arch-rival Guam.

The Opening Ceremony will take place at 7:00 p.m., after which the CNMI men will take on New Zealand at 8:00 p.m.

On Monday the 22nd, The Guam women play New Zealand and the Australian men take on New Caledonia in daytime matches, while in the evening the CNMI women will face New Caledonia and the CNMI men play Guam

On Tuesday the 23rd, several teams will see double action, as the Tournament schedule was compressed due to travel constraints for some of the teams. In the morning, the Guam women play Australia, and the Australian men play New Zealand in a possible medal-round preview. Meanwhile, at the Marianas High School Gym, the New Zealand women face the CNMI, and the New Caledonia men take on Guam.

That afternoon, New Caledonia will face Guam in a women's game, followed by the New Zealand – New Caledonia men's game. In the evening, the Australian and New Zealand women tip off in another possible gold medal preview, while the CNMI men will take on Australia.

Wednesday the 24th is an off day for the players, coaches, and referees, but the Oceania Basketball Congress will meet to consider business matters and to elect new officers for the next four years.

The Tournament resumes Thursday, June 25, with afternoon games between the New Zealand and New Caledonia women, and the Guam and New Zealand men. In the evening set, Australia will face the CNMI women, while New Caledonia take on the CNMI men.

The top four men's and women's teams advance to the semi-finals, which start on Friday morning, June 26. At the Ada Gym, the first-place women's team will face the fourth-place women's team, after which the first-place men's team takes on the fourth-place men's team. The second-place teams play the third-place teams at the Ada Gym. All eight teams playing in the semi-finals will have to play twice, again due to scheduling constraints.

The finals start at 2:00 p.m., at the Ada Gym, with the women's bronze medal game featuring the losers of the two women's semi-finals. The men's bronze medal game will follow at 4:00 p.m. In the evening, the women's gold/silver matchup will take place at 6:00 p.m., between the winners of the two semi-finals, followed by the men's gold/silver game at 8:00 p.m. The medal presentation and closing ceremony will follow directly afterward.

Except as noted, all games will be held at the newly-renovated Gilbert C. Ada Gym in Susupe. There will be no charge for admission, except for the semi-finals and medal games on Friday.

Gold sponsors for the Tournament include IT&E, Shell Marianas, Tan Holdings, and the Joeten Charitable Foundation. Tournament patrons include the Marianas Visitors Authority, the Saipan Legislative Delegation, the Northern Marianas Amateur Sports Association, and the Saipan Grand Hotel.

The full schedule is as follows. CNMI games are in bold face. All games are at the Ada Gym except as noted.

Sunday, June 21:

1:00 PM Men Guam –v- Australia
3:00 PM Women New Caledonia –v- Australia
5:00 PM Women CNMI –v- Guam
7:00 PM Opening Ceremony
8:00 PM Men New Zealand –v- CNMI

Monday, June 22:

1:00 PM Women Guam –v- New Zealand
3:00 PM Men Australia –v- New Caledonia
6:00 PM Women CNMI –v- New Caledonia
8:00 PM Men CNMI –v- Guam

Tuesday, June 23:

8:00 AM Women Guam –v- Australia
8:00 AM Women New Zealand –v- CNMI MHS Gym
10:00 AM Men Australia –v- New Zealand
10:00 AM Men New Caledonia –v- Guam MHS Gym
2:00 PM Women New Caledonia –v- Guam
4:00 PM Men New Zealand –v- New Caledonia

6:00 PM Women Australia –v- New Zealand
8:00 PM Men CNMI –v- Australia

Wednesday, June 24: No games scheduled.

Thursday, June 25:

1:00 PM Women New Zealand –v- New Caledonia
3:00 PM Men Guam –v- New Zealand

6:00 PM Women Australia –v- CNMI
8:00 PM Men New Caledonia –v- CNMI

Friday, June 26:

9:00 AM Women Semi-final: 1st –v- 4th
9:00 AM Women Semi-final: 2nd –v- 3rd MHS Gym

11:00 AM Men Semi-final: 1st –v- 4th
11:00 AM Men Semi-final: 2nd –v- 3rd MHS Gym

2:00 PM Women Bronze Medal Game
4:00 PM Men Bronze Medal Game

6:00 PM Women Gold/Silver Medal Game
8:00 PM Men Gold/Silver Medal Game

10:00 PM Medal presentation and Closing Ceremony

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