Seekamp wins WNIT MVP and Championship

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In her final year with the University of South Dakota Coyotes, Australian Nicole Seekamp has finished off a brilliant season with a tournament MVP award and a victory in the final of the 2016 Women’s National Invitation Tournament (WNIT).

The WNIT consists of 64 teams competing in four divisions, with 32 of those spots automatically filled by the best team available in each of the nation’s 32 conferences while the other 32 slots are taken by the best available remaining sides.

Joined by Adelaide native, Jasmine Trimboli, Seekamp and the Coyotes won a close contest against Florida Gulf Coast, winning 71-65 as late free throws sealed the deal in a seesawing contest.

Trimboli finished with four points and two assists, slightly down on her season average which saw her collect over six points per game through 2015/16. The junior shot 45% from the field overall and hit a handy 39% from the three-point line after she earned All-American honors last year.

Seekamp was influential all over the court in the final, going close to a triple-double with nine points, seven rebounds and eight assists.

Tallying 133 games in her college career, Seekamp averaged 15.5 points per game across four years. In 2015/16, she improved her assist and steal numbers by 1.7 and 1 respectively on her career averages to be a complete player at both ends of the court.

She has now capped off a memorable stint with South Dakota as she won the Tournament MVP in the Coyote’s first ever post-season title.

Watch an interview with Seekamp following their victory here.