Spain elected host of the 2014 FIBA World Championship

Spain elected host of the 2014 FIBA World Championship

The Spanish Basketball Federatino beat bids from China and Italy to host the 2014 World Championship.

The FIBA Central Board, the highest executive body of the International Basketball Federation, has entrusted the organisation of the 2014 FIBA World Championship to the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB).

China was eliminated in the first round and in the second round Spain won with 11 votes, while Italy received eight.

A few minutes after two internationally renowned all-time basketball stars; Sasha Djordjevic and Arvydas Sabonis, opened the sealed envelope carrying the result of the FIBA Central Board voting and announcing the name of the winning candidature, Spain, Mr. José Luis Sáez, President of FEB, declared:

“Italy and China put forward fantastic projects that were viable in two amazing countries. Of course, there could only be one winner. It was us this time, but any of the countries could have done a fantastic job in hosting the 2014 FIBA World Championship.

We look forward to working with FIBA over the next five years in our quest to make the 2014 edition of the FIBA World Championship the best one ever.”

FIBA Secretary General and IOC member Patrick Baumann congratulated all three candidatures for their extraordinary efforts over the past 16 months, stating: “It has been a long process. We have had three amazing candidates coming from three wonderful countries where there is a strong basketball tradition. They have presented great proposals and ideas on how to make the FIBA World Championship one of the top sporting events in the world. Today basketball has taken another step forward on its journey to become one of the biggest global sports in the world.

My thoughts are with China and Italy which have worked so hard, with full support from their governments. I am sure that they will have another chance in the future. And, on behalf of the FIBA Central Board, our most sincere congratulations to Spain, a candidature which has brought a lot of innovative ideas and has a fantastic team, being our current World Champions and the Olympic silver medallist.”

FIBA President Bob Elphinston said: “This whole process and the incredibly media exposure of not only today but of the past months has lifted basketball to new heights. We are extremely pleased with the investments made for basketball by the three candidates and we wish to sincerely congratulate Spain for their success.”


1. Proposed venues (CITY/arena name/capacity/year of construction or completion):

o MADRID/Palacio de los Deportes/15,000 seats/2005 or Valdebebas Arena/18,000 seats/to be completed in 2013

o BILBAO/Bizkaia Arena/17,000 seats/2004

o GRANADA/Palacio Municipal de Deportes/12,000 seats/will be completed in 2012

o LAS PALMAS/Gran Canaria Sports Center/10,000 seats/reconstruction in 2012

o SEVILLA/New Palacio Municipal/15,000 seats/will be completed in 2012

2. Proposed dates:

o 30th August-14th September 2014

3. Budgets:

o Operational Budget: 27.5 million Euros

o Infrastructure Budget: 314 million Euros for arenas (estimation)

4. FIBA Global Partner for 2010-2014:

o TURESPAÑA Spain’s Tourism Board