Strength and Conditioning workshop

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An inaugural Strength and Conditioning workshop was held at the Centre of Excellence on Wednesday, with representatives from every WNBL club in attendance to further enhance the connection between the league and the national Opals program.

Talks were held by Opals coach Brendan Joyce, Head of Athletic Development Jan Legg, Running Specialist Bohdan Babijczuk, Phsyiologist David Pyne and Nutritionist Bronwen Charlesson.

The aim was to share the individual programs for athletic development, increase the athletic ability of WNBL and Opals players, share the Opals team and individual testing standards and raise the standards of fitness and strength and conditioning amongst the WNBL and Opals teams.

“I was absolutely thrilled that we had every WNBL team with a representative,” said Joyce.

“We exposed the strength and conditioning trainers to our international oppositions strengths to understand the standard and athletic challenges for the Opals at world class events.

“We also shared the current Opals culture, style of play as well as an overview of the Opals plan for the Rio Olympics and Tokyo.”

Finally, ideas and suggestions were also shared to enhance the Opals, Centre of Excellence and the WNBL programs with every player, coach and trainer in the country benefiting from this more streamlined connection between all levels of Australian basketball.