Three development camps to be held for wheelchair basketball in December.  

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Development camps set to encourage the future of wheelchair basketball in Australia will take place in December. The Frank Ponta Cup, Women Pathways Development Camp and Development Programs, aim to help produce the next generation of athletes, coaches, referees, and classifiers.

Frank Ponta Cup (FPC), December 1-4.

The Frank Ponta Cup provides an intense four-day camp environment for learning and development, and two days of competition. 27 male athletes who wish to progress in the national pathway will participate in the program.

The FPC was introduced by Basketball Australia in 2010, in recognition of wheelchair basketball athlete, Francis Ettore Ponta (8 November 1935 – 1 June 2011). Ponta, a member of Australia’s first wheelchair basketball team, was heavily credited for growing the sport of wheelchair basketball in Western Australia.

Head Coach of the U23 Spinners, Bradley Ness will provide an elite training environment and help athletes identify what it takes to represent the Green and Gold on an international stage.

“I am really excited to be coming into the AIS to be involved with the Basketball Australia’s Pathways and Frank Ponta camp. Frank Ponta was a legend in the para-sport world for many decades and was responsible for opening the pathways to the Paralympics for so many athletes. So, any time I get to continue his legacy is an honour,” said Ness.

“We have so many exciting young athletes coming into camp which will no doubt create a great vibe to learn and play with. I am really looking forward to seeing so many athletes in one place ready to take up the challenge of improving as basketballers on and off the court – Roll On.”


Bradley Burns ACT
Luke Greco NSW
Matthew Caruana NSW
Jarrod Emeny NSW
Ethan Hallak NSW
Zac Uhr QLD
Harry Mullen QLD
Zach Binns QLD
Jashar Keetley QLD
Jordan Williams QLD
Andrew Miller QLD
Farhan Ahmed Adan QLD
Mitchell Duncan QLD
Brayden Foxley-Conolly QLD
Fernando Grez Montiel SA
Tobias Karsten SA
Kane Downie SA
Cooper Spillane SA
Chithic Machar VIC
Jack Thomas VIC
Ethan Anderson VIC
Will Firth VIC
Mitchell Bond VIC
Simon Koric WA
Michael McDonald WA
Jordan Mouritz WA
Ricky Cox WA

Women Pathways Development Camp (WPC), December 4-8. 

The first-ever Women Pathways Development Camp (WPC) will provide national opportunities for the Head coaches of the Gliders and U25 Devils team to continue to develop talent in the performance pathway from the respective programs.

As a two-year initiative, the program will accelerate the development of elite female wheelchair basketball athletes. 20 athletes will have access to optimized coaching, training, mentorship, and support services during this camp.

Head Coach of the Australian Gliders, Craig Campbell looks forward to developing the future of the Gliders national team.

“Following the increase in number of women playing our game across Australia, the standalone Women Pathways Camp is another great opportunity for athletes to be inspired to play wheelchair basketball – however, wherever and whenever they choose without being judged,” said Campbell.

“For some athletes, this will be an opportunity to continue to develop and for others this may be their first push towards being a Glider at Brisbane 2032.”


Victoria Simpson       NSW

Breanna Fisk              NSW

Maryanne Latu          NSW

Jess Cronje                  NSW

Emerald Wilmshurst QLD

Maddie Kelton            QLD

Geneva Colin               QLD

Karly Liddle                 QLD

Evangelina Crowther QLD

Annabelle Dennis        SA

Ellie McInerney           SA

Georgina Gott              TAS

Isabel Martin                VIC

Lauren Hardbottle      WA

Sarah Throns                WA

Taishar Ovens              WA

Claire Jansen               WA

Sara Houston               WA


Development Programs, December 1-4 and 4-8.


 The Coach Development Programs will provide essential information in four days of learning to support the growth and development of wheelchair basketball coaches across Australia.

This would include a basketball coaching certificate course, with workshop/on court activities and some team coaching experiences. It will be run in conjunction with the Frank Ponta Cup and Women Pathways Development Camp.

“This year’s Pathways Camps have expanded to not only provide development opportunities for athletes across the nation but also to include education and development for coaches, referees and classifiers,” said Janna Mizens – Coach Development Manager from Basketball Australia.

“Thirty coaches, representing each state, will partake in an in-depth curriculum with classroom and on court practical sessions to equip themselves to inspire and empower the next generation of young wheelchair basketball athletes.


Rohan Foy ACT
Pablo Jimenez NSW
Annabelle Lindsay NSW
Brodie Palmer NSW
Jason Ivinson NT
Nicole Liddle QLD
Lambert Ava QLD
Thomas Kyle QLD
Sandra Judge QLD
David Kelly QLD
Alison Mosely QLD
Lyle Duncan QLD
Tim Maloney SA
Jon Henschke SA
Nathan Simpson SA
Trent Johnson TAS
Brad Fisher TAS
Jason Bryant VIC
Joshua Allison VIC
Damian Duke VIC
Warren Brown VIC
Lauren Robinson VIC
Samantha Muraca VIC
Leanne Del Toso VIC
Tina McKenzie VIC
Amanda Carter VIC
Andrea Henderson VIC
Michelle Swain WA
Phil Turner WA
Robert Pike WA

Referees & Classifiers

 Referee Lead, Matthew Wells and Classification Lead, Don Perriman will be running education, training, and workshops alongside the Frank Ponta Cup & Women Pathways Camp. The 7 referees will also referee the 3×3 and 5on5 games at both the camps, and classification opportunities will be available to all athletes across both camps.


Helen Rosenberg NSW
Adam McIntyre NSW
Annie Rose NT
Christine Reinman QLD
Scott Hammerton SA
Ethan Llyod WA


Matt Rodgers ACT
Kathleen Kelly QLD
Anouska Edwards QLD
Kayla Nemeth SA
Lisa Chaffey VIC
Carli Harris VIC
Emma Costanza VIC
Bradley Carle WA